SEPTEMBER 8th-12th


This 5-day Masterclass will take advantage of the castle in Styria, Austria.  This extraordinary castle which is steeped in history but also because of the beauty of the surrounding grounds.    Truly a spectacular location for shooting.   

Greg will oversee locations, models, use of artificial and natural light and shade, perspectives and angles, aside from the nuances of image editing.  


A big bonus for these 2019 CASTLES IN EUROPE workshop series is that for the very first time, Greg will offer a personal portrait of each participant.  

This Masterclass costs 3600 EUR plus VAT.  Lodging and lunch each day are included in the workshop fee. For those who register before June 22nd, an early bird special of 3300 EUR plus VAT is being offered.  Classes fill quickly, so express your interest at your earliest convenience.   


To register or for more information, please contact: either click on the button below or email me directly at <>.


Day 1
Arrival, introduction, introductory talk, portfolio revue and lighting demos

Days 2 to 4
Presentation of Greg’s work, publications, edited photos Discussion of pictures taken by participants on the previous day Indoor and outdoor shooting with 2 to 3 models

Day 5
Discussion of photos and resumé