Mendocino is closest to my heart, because it is where I began teaching my very personal Workshops back in 1997.  Consequently, my major focus and effort are put forth into these classes held at my country home on the picturesque coast of Mendocino in northern California.  This Workshop has been uniquely designed to offer the best of all possible learning environments.  From top flight models, food, wine and locations to a fully staffed operation to help each of you best realize your vision in a comfortable, open and sharing atmosphere.

Covering most aspects of classic portraiture with all of the latest gear in terms of lighting and light modifiers (all available for your personal use), we will work every day in a wide variety of situations and locales using artificial as well as natural light.  Each day is optimized to accomplish the ultimate in learning experience. Your evenings  will be spent going through your day’s art using Adobe’s Lighroom software to present the following morning in an open forum. With a maximum of eight students, each of you will work in small teams, assisting each other directly under my supervision. As well, my own personal assistants will be there to guide you as well.

All locations are private and therefore allow you and the models to relax in a safe and secure environment, so you may concentrate on the figure study without worry about outside issues.  We will also have plenty of time to share our ideas and thoughts with each other over a glass or two of wine and several dinners in addition to our daily lunches prepared by my amazing chef. I can’t wait to meet and see all of you personally in the upcoming months.

Tuition: $4750 ($4250 for returning students), and includes daily continental breakfast, lunch, and a welcome and farewell dinners.