Japan April 18-27, 2018



Info@gormanphotography.com or info@georgenobechi.com

I just found out that one spot just opened up for a single person or a couple on our upcoming Workshop in Japan, which promises to be a first! I will be focussing on capturing "The Quiet Environmental Portrait" as well as some Street and Landscape Photography. This intensive 10 day workshop in the beautiful village of Takayama promises to be a one off!


I would like to personally invite you to participate in a wonderful workshop experience in the remote and picturesque village of Takayama, Japan. This workshop will be truly unique. We will focus on making "quieter" pictures, allowing the setting and environment to take center stage and to allow the interplay of light and shadow be dictated by the moment. I am very excited to work in this more subdued manner for something totally different. There will be opportunities to create "louder images," so don’t worry. However, I feel the focus of our energy will be on more relaxed introspective images in keeping with the traditions of the culture we will be unveiling. And as I know, many of you enjoy landscape photography of which there will be plenty of opportunities. More editorial photography is also welcome. Each of you I hope can find your niche and our team will do the utmost to help you along the way.