ONLY ONE OPEN SPOT LEFT & several have expressed interest in this workshop.


New Orleans might be one of the most magical cities in the US with a culture that exudes a zest for celebrating life that goes beyond the images most of us have seen of Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest. This is why Greg and Joshua are excited to announce a 5-day workshop in New Orleans for Sunday to Friday, October 6th - 11th. The focus will be on location lighting, street and documentary photography for medium to advanced level photographers. 

Joshua has lived in New Orleans for 4 years, and Greg has a love for the city that has brought him back for weeks at a time. Together we’re excited to share our different styles of shooting. We’ve arranged for models who are “real people” living and working in the city. Plus we will shoot at locations that are the heartbeat of the city, such as an old antebellum mansion to a constructed village where each building is a musical instrument. In the evening we’ll set our camera’s to high ISO’s and explore the lights and sounds of street photography in the French Quarter, where bands play on nearly every corner and where old bars are just begging to be explored, and where every evening a party is rolling somewhere. It’s hard to not use up an entire memory card in one night. If there is interest, there is a beautiful swamp park 40 minutes outside of the city (transportation will be provided).  There is also the opportunity to join with locals catching crawfish or “Mud Bugs.” For dinner, we will join them for an authentic “crawfish boil”, an experience far from what most tourists would ever experience!  There is also an opportunity to join Roland while he shrimps in the Gulf of Mexico. 

The class will be based out of the Blue60 Guest House, located in the heart of the Marigny District. It's central to most of our locations, and walking distance to the French Quarter and Bywater Districts. After our wine-and-cheese meet-and-greet, students will have the option of going to the legendary “Napkin Toss.” Located in the center of the quarter, “Love is in the Air” blasts over the bars speakers while patrons throw piles of napkins high into the air. It’s a 20 year tradition that is known only to locals. 

We will talk with each of you before the workshop to discuss goals, and we can help arrange personalized project(s) based on your interests. Tuition: $4250 ($3750 for returning students), and includes daily continental breakfast, lunch, and a welcome and farewell dinners.


Most of you are used to hearing from Greg when it comes to an intro letter for his elaborate workshops, so I thought I'd switch things up a bit.

First of all, this workshop isn't going to be fancy. You're going to eat some authentic Southern cooking at a local's home, not at a Michelin star restaurant. And if you're open to it, you'll have the opportunity to photograph places that most locals could only dream of. My goal is for you to experience the pulse that keeps this sinking swamp alive.

I've been working hard to identify places and people for us to photograph. I wanted to let you know what they are all about, because I'd love your feedback. If there's not any interest in some of these "experiences." then I'd rather know now so that I can move on and put my energy into finding something else to your liking.

To start the week, we're going to have full access to 2 mansions with actual musicians, artists, and drag queens utilizing Greg’s approach to portraiture with available as well as location lighting. There is a courtyard in the first house with the famous staircase from "All About Eve," and a pool in the back yard with some unusual sculptures. Some snaps below.

-A trip to the Westwego seafood market: For fish crab market - photograph fisherman bringing in crabs etc. and the people who sell them. We will also have some supplemental discreet lighting tools to enhance where necessary.

-Photograph life aboard a shrimping or crab boat. This could be a great opportunity for some of you who wish to shoot a bit more off the cuff and have some fun. We will have several options of events to choose from so we can break up the class. There may be small additional fees for some of these excursions but they are nominal.

- Dinner one evening will be a Crawfish Boil and Oyster fry in the backyard of a passionate boiler.

- Photograph the people who make a living fishing from their houseboats.

Students will be taken out on a boat by a professional tour guide (Dr.Won) to meet up with pre-arranged private houseboats where people live part time/ full time. Probably 2 students per boat. You would photograph on the boat for a couple hours and have very good access.

-I will provide a list of people who will allow 1-2 photographers into their home for documentarty portraits. The list will likely include burlesque performers, drag queens, and mucisians.

The next two options could be really cool, but I have to warn you that they are technically illegal. Greg and I are not responsible for posting your bail money! LOL. However the visuals could prove worthwhile for those of you that want to go down this road so to speak.

-A smaller group may have the opportunity to head out to the swamps to go alligator hunting. This might be a bit gruesom, but it will be an excursian you won't soon forget. Remember, the concept of this class is to present a lot of the behind the scenes flavours of the real NOLA!

-My friend has access to the underground car scene here. They usually meet up at the racetracks or under the freeway. It's intense and part of the culture here that most have no idea even exists. Here's a video that my friend made. Please note: this could be a bit risky. Part of showing off cars is also showing off guns (as you can see in the video). For obvious reasons, this is the hardest event to gain access to, so please let me know if you are interested.

So that's what I've been working on. Please let me know what you think, and also let me know if there is a part of New Orleans that I'm missing that you would like to have access to. Greg and I are really looking forward to working with all of you! We will also offer a couple of evenings of street photography for those of you that wish a wander through the French Quarter and some optional class dinners at some of the great eateries in NOLA. Looking so forward to your response. Josh