two more workshops in mid-August — DETAILS COMING


Figure Study Masterclass

The Art of the Sculptural Nude

I would like to welcome you to my first figure study class in Oslo. Having had the opportunity last year to teach a portrait workshop alongside Bjorn and Julie with some guidance from Morten proved to be a rewarding experience for all those involved. In addition to joining the troops again this coming Spring, I have decided to offer a two day seminar in the Art of the Sculptural Nude. Although all the details have not been totally finalized as to locations and what not, I wanted to give you a rough idea of what the general program will encompass. It will begin with a presentation and discussion of my work in that field with an accompanying slide show. After, I would encourage each of you to share 10-12 images of your efforts in this field so we can all have a better understating of each other and where we need to put the most emphasis during our time together.

I will share with you some of my tips and techniques in what it takes to get, not only a connected portrait, but a strong figure study. I will do this in several ways. I love utilizing natural light where possible but also incorporating LEDs or additive and subtractive light with bounce fills. As well we may work with some silks to cut down the dynamic range of light if we encounter too much harsh light. In addition, we will work on the communication aspects in terms of how to speak to and pose your subjects to get the most out of them. After my demonstrations each day, students will have the opportunity to apply this to their own craft with the models provided by the workshop under my direct guidance. The following morning before shooting, I will review 10-12 images with each student in an open forum.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact either Bjorn or myself by email. I look forward to meeting each of you personally in the coming weeks.

All my best, Greg