“I am so happy to be back and working with the Palm Springs Photo Festival! I have been teaching at the Workshops here for the better part of 14 years now and at this point in my life, it has taken center stage. After almost 50 years in the motion picture business shooting advertising campaigns and personality portraits, my passion and interests have changed. My real focus today has been embracing a career in education. I feel so fortunate in that I was able to pursue a career in something I love so much as photography. To now be able to give back and share that passion with others of similar interests has become my primary goal.

The format of this class will be very simple. We will shoot at some of my favorite locations in the Palm Springs area that provide amazing environments for photography. I will focus on various lighting techniques that have worked well for me throughout the years and share to the best of my ability my knowledge in terms of being able to see and recognize light and how to properly communicate with the talent in front of our lenses.

I will divide our class into groups with each group having a model as their subject. The teams will switch off shooting each of the models throughout the course of each afternoon. When one member of each team is shooting, the other members of the group will be asked to work as assistants in whatever capacity that photographer feels will best help him / her get the image they are looking for. This will help each class member better understand the use of reflectors, silks, light readings and in general, what it takes to create a good image.

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Models**, transportation and delicious boxed lunches will be provided. Photographers should bring their laptops and be conversant with their hardware and software in order to facilitate downloading and projecting their work for critiques in class. Digital projectors with standard DVI / VGA cables will be provided. If you require any special adapter for your computer for this purpose, please be sure to bring one to class. All Workshop Participants are invited to the Canon/Freestyle Digital Print Center at Korakia on Thursday, May 9th from 11:00am to 6:00pm to have an image of their choice printed out on a Canon Pro 2000 printer, using custom profiles and on their choice of several inkjet papers.

PRICE: $1530.
This workshop is limited to 16 attendees.

** Models are not obliged to sign releases for workshop students and photographs made in the context of the workshop may not be published commercially without the express written consent of the model. Photographers can discuss the subject directly with the models and make arrangements of mutual benefit to both, after the conclusion of the workshop program, but the model fee included in your registration fee does not include obtaining releases. There will be four models available for this workshop. Model fees can run between $350 and $2,000 per model in private sessions for nude photography.